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As it is known, the Greek alphabet was used in majuscule form for over a millenium before the miniscule letters gradually replaced it until they became the official script in the 9th century A.D. Thereafter, majuscule letters were confined to sparce use as initials or elaborate titles until the Italian Renaissance. The new art of Typography, as well as the need of the humanists to mimic the ancient Greco-Roman period brought back the extensive use of the majuscule letterforms in both Latin and Greek typography. Greek books of the time were printed using the contemporary Byzantine hand with which they combined capital letters modeled on the Roman antiquity, i.e. with thick and thin strokes and serifs. At the same time the byzantine majuscule tradition, principally used on theological editions, remained alive until the early 19th century.

All the majuscule fonts available here were designed by George D. Matthiopoulos and are samples of the various trends used in Greek typography:
GFS Ambrosia has the main characteristics of the majuscule forms of the early Christian tradition while GFS Nicefore is a typical byzantine sample of the 5th-7th century period. GFS Jackson is an edition of the font cut, in 1788, by Joseph Jackson on commission by the Cambridge University in preparation of the edition of the Beza codex containing the New Testament from the 5th-6th century. Theodore Beza was the erudite scholar from Geneva who had given the codex as a gift to the University in 1581. GFS Eustace is a typical example of byzantine woodcut initials used in many similar forms in Italy for Greek editions of the Bible, Prayers and other theological literature from the 15th to 19th centuries.
GFS Fleischman, on the contrary, was cut by Johann Michael Fleishman, typecutter of the Dutch Enschedé foundry and follows th baroque style of the mid-18th century aesthetics.

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